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Driving school in Prague

Our driving school in Prague can provide you with the driving training in variety of languages. Our teachers are fluent in English, Russian and French and they will lead you throughout the theoretical lessons and practical training so that you will be able to pass the final driving examination successfully.

We recommend English speaking applicants to arrange a meeting in advance via email. Not always, there is an English speaking teacher in our office.​

Driving Lessons In English, French and Russian

As you cannot attend the theoretical classes as they are led in Czech you will be provided with the theoretical lessons separately by your teacher. We also will provide you textbooks in English.

Before you sign up for any of the driving trainings you must:

  • meet the minimum age required for each driving license you apply for
  • meet the medical condition required (you will obtain a medical opinion from your doctor - the general practitioner and, it must not be older than 3 months the day you bring it to our office in Prague)
  • not be prevented from driving for any reason
  • prove the permanent residency or study or job relation to the Czech Republic for at least 185 days the day of your driving examination if you are non-Czech citizen

Print the application form (it has got two sides) and the medical opinion form.

After you have filled the application form in and obtained the medical opinion, bring both of the forms to our office at Jana Masaryka 49, Prague 2.

Your teacher will contact you in a few days to make the first schedule to start your training.

If you need additional information in english, please, contact our English speaking teacher: Mr. Jaroslav Vrzal - phone number +420 731 172 141.

Both of the documents are in czech and cannot be translated into another language.

Driving Tests

Driving examination consists of two parts. The theoretical test and the practical driving test.

If you want to undertake the theoretical test in English or in any other language you will need a presence of a certified interpreter at the theoretical test.

The price for the interpreter is not included in the price for the driving course. We can provide you interpreters speaking English, French, Russian, Chinese, German and Spanish.

If you decide to do the theoretical exam by yourself, without the presence of an interpreter, and fail, you will not be allowed to have an interpreter at the next theoretical test.

Usually you will undertake the practical test with the teacher who taught you throughout the course.

Driving license categories

Each driving license category has a minimum age requirement.

Our driving school offers courses for the following driving license categories:

Category AM, A1, A2 and A - Motorbikes

There are four A categories. Each of them requires different minimum age and allows to drive different types of motorcycles.

Category AM

You can drive vehicles with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h:

  • motorbikes with an engine size not more than 50 cm3 or with an electrical engine of a maximum power not more than 4 kW.
  • three-weeled vehicles with an engine with a size of not more than 50 cm3 or a power of not more than 4 kW.
  • four-wheeled vehicles with unleaden mass not more than 350 kg and with an engine with a size of not more than 50 cm3 or with another engine with a power of not more than 4 kW

Category A1

You can drive motorcycles with:

  • an engine size up to 125 cm3
  • a power output of up to 11 kW
  • power to weight ratio not more than 0,1 kW/kg

This category also includes motor tricycles with power output up to 15 kW

Category A2

You can drive motorbikes with:

  • an engine size up to 600 cm3
  • a power output of up to 35 kW
  • power to weight ratio not more than 0,2 kW/kg

The motorbike must also not be derived from a motorbike of more than double its power.

Category A

You can drive:

  • motorcycles with a power output more than 35kW or a power to weight ratio more than 0.2kW/kg
  • motor tricycles with a power output more than 15kW

Category B - Cars

You can drive vehicles up to 3,500kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) with up to 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg)

Category C - Trucks

You can drive vehicles over 3,500kg (with a trailer up to 750kg).

Category D - Buses

You can drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg).

Category E - Trailers

Category E can be combined with category B, category C or category D and allows you to tow a trailer weighing over 750kg.

Minimum age requirements

  • 15 years: category AM
  • 16 years: category A1
  • 18 years: category A2, B and B+E
  • 20 years: category A (A2 owned for 2 years)
  • 21 years: category C and C+E
  • 24 years: category D and A